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Finder's Fee

Do you find yourself asking the following questions or making these statements:

  1. Wow – look at all that land. I wonder what could be done with that.

  2. Gee – that house is really run-down. I wish I knew someone that could purchase it and fix it up – it would really improve the neighborhood.

  3. My neighbor needs an addition. I wish I knew a quality builder to recommend.

  4. My boss at work needs new office space. I could probably get a big promotion if I knew someone who could do the work.

  5. We wish we could deal with someone on our new home/addition project that truly cares about quality and integrity – someone who can relate to the project on our level – not on some corporate level.

If you find yourself saying these things, don’t waste your thoughts.

Contact T. Moore Building Company today for all your needs: New Construction, Major Renovations, Construction Management and Consulting.

If you provide a lead that becomes a project for us, we will pay a competitive finder’s fee to you for your efforts (amount of fee commensurate with the project you recommend to us).